Strasburg Homestead

Pictures of Bob & Eileen's new home and our sourroundings.
Strasburg VADSC01165 Strasburg VADSC01137 NW Strasburg VADSC01141 NE Strasburg VADSC01144 W
Strasburg VADSC01145 N Strasburg VADSC01148 SE Strasburg VADSC01152 Tumbling Run Strasburg VADSC01153 Tumbling Run
Strasburg VADSC01155 Strasburg VADSC01169 Strasburg VADSC01172 Strasburg VADSC01175
Strasburg VADSC01182  Southeast boundary marker Strasburg VADSC01184 Strasburg VADSC01185  Potential Driveway Strasburg VADSC01187
Strasburg VADSC01189  East towards lot Strasburg VA D363028  Sunset Against Massanutten : Strasburg Strasburg VA D363029  Sunset against Massanutten : Strasburg Strasburg VADSC01192
Strasburg VA D363054  Northwest View : Strasburg Strasburg VA D363056 : Strasburg Strasburg VADSC01218 Strasburg VA D363061  South from the road : Strasburg
Strasburg VA D363064  Southeast View from road : Strasburg Strasburg VADSC01222  Southwest View from road Strasburg VA D363066 : Strasburg Strasburg VADSC01225
Strasburg VA D363068 : Strasburg Strasburg VA D363069 : Strasburg Strasburg VADSC00091  Field is brushhogged. Strasburg VADSC00093
Strasburg VADSC00094 Strasburg VADSC00095 Frontage Strasburg VADSC00098 Strasburg VADSC00099
Strasburg VADSC00103  House to be built at top of hill. Strasburg VADSC00109 Strasburg VAIMG 1569 : Strasburg Strasburg VAIMG 1570 : Strasburg
Strasburg VAIMG 1572  A jungle of sorts : Strasburg Strasburg VAIMG 1573 : Strasburg Strasburg VAD75 0002 : Strasburg Strasburg VAD75 0007  Fall 2015 : Strasburg
Strasburg VAD75 0009 : Strasburg Strasburg VAD75 0014  Backyard down to the tree line : Strasburg Strasburg VAD75 0017 : Strasburg Strasburg VAD75 0021 : Strasburg
Strasburg VA D750177 Strasburg VA D750178 Strasburg VA D750179 Strasburg VA D750180
Strasburg VA D750176 D750238  Foundation dug Dec 2015 D750326 D750341
D750383 D750425  Run-in shed for equipment and storage D750430 IMG 1687
IMG 1688 IMG 1692 D750476 D750487
D750493 D750508 D750570 D750576
D750577 D751179 D751181 D751765
D751779 D752181  After the storm D752197  This one missed us D752198  Still waiting for siding
D752199  Neighbor has his hay rolls at the property line D752517 D752542 D752549
D752556 D752737 D753570 D753918
D754014 D754031 D754054  Already the most photographed trees. D754063  Sunrises to "live" for.
D752663 D752713 D753893